Avematic manufactures and markets a broad range of equipment for washing car vehicles, special vehicles, and for any industry applications range.

Avematic offers its customers technical support services of quality for all its equipments, with appropriate costs and deadlines, according to the needs of the moment.

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Automatic washing, with or without brushes

Simple and double porches, tunnels, for all type of vehicles.

A lavagem automática, engloba as tradicionais máquinas de lavagem automática multiprograma, com escovas e/ou alta pressão. Estes equipamentos, executam a operação de lavagem completa, de uma forma automática, sem a intervenção humana.

Manual Vacuum Cleaning, interior and exterior

Manual Vacuum Cleaning interior and exterior
Monophasic manual vacuum cleaners, with or without trolley. Upholstery washing machine.

Self-service high pressure washing

Simple machines or modular configuration washing centers 

  • Provides benefit to the customer! The self-service manual high pressure washing has to be fast, cheap and quality.

Rehabilitation of used equipment

Rehabilitation equipment multibrands

Evaluation for the recovery of used equipment washing and aspiration. Automatic washing machines, washing self-service, vacuuming, washing tunnels and others.