Central self-service multi-service module, with aspiration

Central self-service multi-service module, with inside and outside car aspiration

The solution has a central payment system, which allows the user to manage their credit, and various services available in the machine. This solution allows a significant reduction in the final price paid by the customer, delivered by variety of services at your disposal. Also the owner sees increasing of the turnover of the equipment, by providing more services to be used by the client.
The same equipment can be integrated into various services such as: vacuuming, manual drying, cleaning and care of plastics and dashboards, window cleaning, perfuming with various fragrances, rinse tires, air gun for cleaning difficult areas ,synthetic skin dispenser, and more

Relocation Notice

moved to new facilities at the beginning of October 2010. The current location is in the industrial area near the town of Santo Tirso, not far from Porto.

Avematic installs the first machine for washing cars in Angola!

Through a partnership with a Portuguese company located in the Angolan market, Avematic export during the second half of 2007, a self-service automobile washing machines for Angola. In October, we began assembling a self-service car laundering center with 2 lanes in the province of Cabinda. Currently we have a total of three machines delivered, and the perspective ofr more is excellent business opportunity.