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Avematic, is a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of equipment for washing motor vehicles and other applications related to the industry in general.
Founded in February 2002, has focused its activities over the years, developing innovative solutions for self-service pressure washing.

Avematic, is proud of its contribution to the success of its customers. The use of solutions that promote ease of use, ergonomics, reliability, low consumption of water and energy efficiency are critical success factors that led Avematic to all parts of Portugal, from north to south!

In 2007, he reached a milestone with the entry of their products into new markets elsewhere. Faced with these challenges, and meet other technological solutions are a great boost to his statement, and recognition of the work done.

In parallel to its main activity in the washing area, has developed an important work in the field of auto workshops. The concept of a comprehensive settlement was more a factor of success for Avematic. In the development of each project from concept, space, infrastructure, training, start-up and after-sales service, Avematic puts all its efforts, the single goal. The success and satisfaction of your customers!