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Welcome to Avematic

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Avematic is a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of car washing and self-service automatic or manual vacuum aspiration for motor vehicles, and other related applications for the industry in general.

Why choose Avematic?

We use the best materials and accessories available for the manufacture of our equipment, and this is why we can produce such a high and…
Avematic is proud of the contribution to the success of its customers. The use of solutions that promote the ease to use, ergonomics, reliability, low…


3 November, 2014

Central self-service multi-service module, with aspiration

2007-09-20 Central self-service multi-service module, with inside and outside car aspiration The solution has a…

3 November, 2014

Relocation Notice

2010-10-22 Avematic moved to new facilities at the beginning of October 2010. The current location…

3 November, 2014

Avematic installs the first machine for washing cars in Angola!

2007-10-22 Through a partnership with a Portuguese company located in the Angolan market, Avematic export…